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Dingo K9-C

The Dingo K9-C is the culmination of over 25 years of pioneering development of the Dingo mini digger concept. With just enough electronics to make it easier to learn and drive, but not enough to make it into a city slicker, the Contractor will simply win every argument. We are proud to say that the K9-C is the most powerful and capable mini digger ever created. The K9-C will dig faster, drive faster and lift more than anything before whilst still maintaining the ability to drive through a standard door.  And if you do a lot of trenching, it will trench straighter than any other Mini Loader.  If sand or floatation is a problem, the “over the tyre” POLY-TRAX are the right solution.   If you are in the business of getting the job done, as quickly and safely as possible the K9-C is for you. You really need to test drive this machine to appreciate how powerful it is. This truly is ‘The World’s Toughest Mini Digger’

This bigger, tougher and heavier Dingo is available on heavier 10″ wheels and tyres and can also be fitted with over the tyre tracks.




 Make  Yanmav (Diesel)
 Power  27hp (19.9kw)


Hydraulic Pumps  3 Pumps
Pump Sizes 6, 8.4 & 8.4cc
Relief Pressure (Aux) 3400psi (235bar)
Hydraulic Output 73L/m
Max Travel Speed 9.5km/h
Rated Lift Capacity 440kg WLL
880Kg MLL
Wheel Motors 4
Aux Hydraulic Outlets 2


A. Overall Width 1035mm
B. Overall Length 1600mm
C. Overall Height 1225mm
D. Max Operating Height 4in1 2675mm
E. Turning Radius with 4in1 Bucket 1300mm
F. Angle of Departure 25º
G. Wheel Base 800mm
H. Ground Clearance 170mm
I. Dump Height Std Bucket 1550mm
J. Dump Height 4in1 Bucket 1870mm
K. Reach Fully Raised 4in1 Bucket 800mm
L. Height to Hinge Pin 1985mm
M. Machine Width 4in1 Bucket 1050 – 1200mm
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 76L
Machine Mass 1080kg


Warranty 3 years/1000hrs

Standard Features

  • 2 pump hydraulic system
  • 4 x Auxiliary outlets
  • Flow controller (trenching valve)
  • AWD System
  • Heavy duty air cleaner & pre cleaner
  • Hard wearing Dingo tyres
  • Quick hitch system
  • Superior Made – 4 Core 3 Pass Radiator
  • Soft Touch Controls
  • Tuff Powder-Coated Finish