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Flail Mower / Mulcher

This is no ordinary mower.

No one wants you skid steering around a pretty lawn. A Flail Mower/ Mulcher is to tame overgrown jungle that can include small trees, branches and other rubbish and reduce all that junk to mulch, making it the perfect attachment for vegetation control.

The Dingos unique two pump system combined with the flow divider (trenching valve) allows infinite control of the ground speed allowing you to choose a slower speed for tough conditions and faster speeds for softer conditions. The fine speed control and the Dingo’s incredible hydraulic power, allows the Flail Mower/ Mulcher to do jobs that normal mowers can not do.

The Dingo Flail Mower/ Mulcher can do what a tractor and slasher can but also more as it can go into the tight and hard to reach spaces. After the Dingo Flail Mower/ Mulcher has tamed the jungle, then a ride on mower is the best choice.

Used For: Vegetation control, clearing large over grown spaces.

Used By: Landscapers, Contractors and Hire Companies.



Width of Cut: 1040mm
Rotore: 108mm
Tines: 10 Smooth Faced Hammer
Speed: Variable
Approx Weight: 265kg
Hydraulic Flow: 40-47 l/min