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Because Dingo does so many things so well we call it the “Hydraulic Power Plant on Wheels”


A Dingo Mini Digger is a fully integrated labour saving system that replaces costly hand labour.  It improves productivity, increases profitability, is safe, easy to handle and goes where other machines can’t.

It is an hydraulic power plant not a mini loader which has been designed specifically as an hydraulic power plant for powering an impressive range of attachments. The Mini Diggers power comes from hydraulic pressure which is better than most of those currently on the market. It is your spare set of hands which lifts, carries, pushes, grabs, digs and sweeps. It works hard all day and doesn’t complain, need a smoke break or holidays, it is the cheapest and hardest working employee you will ever have. They have very little maintenance costs and its daily running costs will surprise you.

Its because it does so many things so well that we don’t call it a “Mini Loader” we call it the:




The Dingo is a powerful hydraulic system with a simple, straight forward design. On the K92, K9 3 and K94 Pro two seperate pumps deliver up to 47 litres per minute of hydraulic power up to an incredible 3600 psi. The pump selector and flow divider give the operator ultimate control over the power division between the attachments and drive wheels. The new machine the K95 has three separete pumps delivering up to 76 litres per minute of hydraulic power with two auxiliary outflows. It has a Digital Switching System which ensures smooth operating and complete control.

With over 62 attachments available, they are revolutionising work sites in a wide range of industries. Landscapers, builders, plumbers, utility installers, councils, fencers, irrigation installers, demolishes, house movers and many more others use our machines to improve the productivity and profitability of their businesses. Most attachments can be changed in less than 60 seconds. This wide range of attachments gives the Dingo Contractor the ability to work in a variety of industries.

Measuring as little as 760mm wide, the Dingo gets power to places where only hand labour could go before and given that it can turn within its own radius, you get amazing manoeuvrability to reach the tightest of corners. Weighing between 745kg and 920 kgs, the Dingo treads lightly on existing landscapes.

Take the entire system to the job site on one trailer, no need for a big truck. The specially designed Dingo trailers neatly and safely display your attachments and accessories, Each attachment can easily be lifted off with the Dingo. The entire trailer system can be towed by most standard commercial vehicles.