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Post Hole Digger

The post hole digger is one of the most powerful attachments for the Dingo, easily able to out-dig many larger machines.

The Dingo Post Hole Digger is fitted with and 8:1 reduction gear box that gives enough torque to dig holes up to a 750mm diameter and up to a depth of 3 metres. You can dig to 1.5 metres with a standard auger, up to 2 metres with an auger extension and 3 metres with the Pinocchio nose extension.

With the correct digging teeth fitted, the Dingo can be used to dig through concrete, sandstone, reinforced road base and bitumen.

Auger Mate – This handy tool is part of the multi tool kit and allows you to lift heavy augers off your trailer, saving your back.

Post Mate – This handy tool is unique to Dingo and allows you to increase your down-force on the auger in tough digging. The post mate is also useful for lifting the wheels off the ground when changing your tyers. Don’t buy a post hole digger without the post mate. It’s that useful!

Used For: Digging post holes in soil, clay, sand, rock/shale.

Used By: Contractors, Landscapers, and Hire Companies.

Used With: Cement Mixer, Post Hole Mate, Auger Mate, and Auger Extensions.



Digging Depth:  Augers over 300mm and over: 1.5m standard or 3m with the Pinocchio nose extension
Augers under 300mm: 1.1m+ extensions
Cut Diam: 100 – 750mm
Teeth Types Earth, Tungsten, Rock
Flow: 32 l/min
Pressure: up to 206Bar (3000psi)
Torque 1800Nm
Speed: 90RPM
Approx Weight: PHD Drive Head = 64kg Augers: 12 – 58kg