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Dingo is the only mini digger available, with our own range of attachments that we build ourselves. All the foreign ‘Dingo Imitators’ use one-size-fits-all attachments made by attachment suppliers. The Dingo mounting system invented and perfected by Dingo has now been adopted by all other mini digger manufacturers as the “Universal Mounting System”.

Dingo attachments always work better because:

  • The male mount plate on the Dingo is cast steel rather than fabricated. Cast mount plates are stronger and are a more consistent shape than fabricated mount plates, ensuring a better attachment fit. Many inferior Dingo copies still use a fabricated male mount plate.
  • The Dingo female mount plate, is a single folded piece that fits the male mount plate perfectly, ensuring the attachments fit properly without slop and the risk of damage to the locking pins.
  • The female mount plate is mounted on the attachment to suit the Dingo’s ground clearance. Dingos with larger wheels or tracks need a higher mounted female plate than a Dingo on regular wheels.  This ensures the bucket is parallel to the ground when in the lowered position which is critical for productive bucket work.
  • Dingo attachments are designed so their weight matches the Dingos working limits.  This ensures that the Dingo stability is not affected. It also means we can offer the biggest buckets in the industry.
  • Dingo attachments are designed to match the Dingos hydraulic output.  It is no good having a powerful mini digger with a below average attachment if you are interested in productivity. Our ‘Pro’ range of attachments feature planetary drive gear boxes that deliver more torque than regular el-cheapo attachments, provided by some attachment manufacturers.